M.A.A.L.A and RAC Soap Present: Autonomous Bubbles Soapscription

What is a Soapscription?
A Soapscription is an ongoing way to support and nurture our growing culture of mutual aid with the Burbujas Autonomas Jaboneria through Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles.

What comes with my Soapscription?
You will receive a monthly supply of soaps and natural body products made without detergents, chemicals or preservatives. We aim to produce products that have the least harmful impact on the earth. They expire as they are meant to, with a natural shelf life just like us. We source plant-based ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen such as fresh basil and mint!

What are you supporting?
Soapscriptions provide opportunities for people to experiment and learn new skills they can practice autonomously in mutual aid economies. MAALA provides the soap-making materials, ongoing access to a work space, and collective knowledge about cold press soap-making processes.

Who are the soap makers?
The Burbujas Autonomas Jaboneria is made up of autonomous women of color, mothers, and community members supporting their families through a practice of mutual aid. As soap makers, we are creating a means towards financial independence and community empowerment.

Our values:
Self-sufficiency, cooperation, harm-reduction, accessibility + more

How it works:

Choose from our different tiered options below and we will mail you seasonal soap each month, or choose to pick up in person from our location in Los Angeles’s MacArthur Park neighborhood!

Inquiries: maala.center@gmail.com




Receive two of our seasonal soap bars a month

Soaper Star



Receive four seasonal soap bars and a seasonal scrub each month




Receive six seasonal soap bars and a seasonal scrub each month + a Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles t-shirt

Winter 2020 Seasonal Soaps

( Click on soap for purchase link, soaps are made in small batches and quantities may be limited. Purchase link includes ingredient list.)

S- Smooth bar H- hybrid, both invigorating and smooth I- Invigorating exfoliant bar

Lavender Chamomile (H)
Poppy Shea (faux kiwi) (I & H)
Horchata Shea Exfoliant Bar
Mint Chocolate Shea (S)
Rose Hips Shea Exfoliant